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Rewording of sentences that are inappropriate in tone

Clarifying language that is overly vague

Language errors (grammar, tensing, usage errors)

Review of Redundancies & Repetitions

Mechanical edits (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, numbers, quotations, hyphenation)

Review of Transitions and word choice

Cross referencing (footnotes, endnotes, other supplementary elements)

Copyright permissions & acknowledgement


Formatting (alignment, heading styles, line length, page numbering, other design elements)

Consistency check

Mechanical errors (spelling, subject-verb agreement, pronoun case, punctuation, etc.)


Assessment of overall organization of material for intended audience

Structure appropriate reviews (inverted pyramid structure for news stories, chapter structure for books, linked structure for website, etc.)

Content review (revising, cutting or expanding material or suggesting of such changes, to remove irrelevant, superfluous or repetitive material)

Review of narrative flow 

Recasting of material that would be better presented in alternative form (list, table, appendix)

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