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ANEX offers the student, business, and author, professional editorial services.


"You can't even spot errors in your own article and you want me to take advice from you?"

"I want to grade you well but your language is too poor."

Don't let these comments be made on your book, online article or academic paper. Be taken seriously and avoid missed opportunities.
Consult with ANEX today for professional support on your website, thesis, or book. Services include:
  • Substantive Editing 
  • Proofreading Services
  • Copy Editing & Line Editing
  • Writer Development
  • Corporate Content Editing
  • Student Support Services
  • Online Content Editing
  • Structural Editing
  • Resume & Cover letter design and writing
  • Consultation/Review Sessions

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Submit a sample and get a Quote of how much it would cost for us to edit your work.

Sample Submissions cost USD ($15).

Your sample will be edited. The Editor will also advise on which editorial services would be best for your work.

If you become a client the cost of the quote will be deducted from the total charge for editorial services.

Submitting a sample of your work will:

  • Give you an idea of our standard and style of editing, and

  • Give us an idea the level of work required on your piece.

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Notes on Submitting Sample

*This is an encrypted website and all data/information transferred is secured. 

*For book manuscripts only, sample size should be 2-4 pages long (500-1,000 words) and preferably sourced from the middle of the book.

* Other sample submissions should not constitute more than 50% of your work and/can consist of up to 500 words.

* Timeline means the amount of time given to the Editor to perform the editorial services on your work (not the sample).

* Word Count refers to the Word Count of your work (not the sample).

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